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Sunday, February 13, 2005
I don't know if I remember how to do this anymore. It's been so long and I don't even have anything fun to report. I have been so sick it's hard to describe. I managed to become so infected that my body couldn't cope by eliminating things from the normal places. It decided that the only option was elimination via my face. The entire right side of my face broke out in the nastiest giant painfull pimply pustules you've ever seen. They were a lovely greenish-yellow color and some of them were like blood blisters. It was so disgusting I can't really even describe it.I swear to god I felt like some kind of freaking leper. I could hardly get out of bed and when I did it was only to go see the stupid doctor again. I was afraid I'd frighten small children.

Now I have scars on my face. Who knows if they'll ever go away. I'm glopping on the vitamin E and cocoa butter like crazy but only time will tell. Between the facial eruptions, the heart palpitations, bloody noses, coughing up chunks of lung, and major asthma flare up, I'm just grateful to be alive at this point. I didn't know a body could produce so much nastiness and I found out a person can awfully dehydrated and still survive. It's a good thing the body stores up so much water or I'd have been seriously screwed. As it is I think I used up all of my reserves and then some.

The stupid thing is, I'm still sick. I feel a whole lot better but I'm still sick. This shit just wont go away. It's like a fucking plague or something. I'm going to have to go for round three of antibiotics I guess. I don't know if they make anything stronger than the last stuff I took but we'll have to see. As long as I don't have a full relapse, I can hang. In the meantime, if you hear somebody coughing up a lung, it's probably me.
PrincessEvilina | 12:25 PM |
Thursday, January 13, 2005
Another officer dead
Thanks to administrative error yet again, an officer was hurt on the job YET AGAIN the other day. This poor fella wasnt as fortunate as those who just suffered a cripling disfiguring ass whoopin though. (Of course I say that loads of sarcasm) OH NO, this guy was stabbed to death by a piece of shit gangbanger trying to earn brownie points from his homies. I'm sure the Fresno Bee and the Shwarzenegger ( I dont give a fuck how it's spelled) camp will do it's usual magic and write an article detailing how it's the officer fault that he got killed by this inmate, how we get paid too damn much money for a job anybody could do, how it really isnt that dangerous of a job, and that we need even sharper reductions in staff. Never mind the fact that the Admins were ordered to make some cuts so they shuffled their own jobs around and cut staff at our level instead to make it look good on paper. Never mind the fact that with each reduction in staff the acts of violence against officers increase, and lets forget about the weak sentencing and pro inmate agenda (compliments of the great state of California) that have made the job more and more dangerous and insane each day. Let's forget all of that and worry about the inmates who sue for creamy peanut butter instead of crunchy. Let's worry about classifying more of them as mentally unbalanced poor helpless souls so they can assualt officers and not be held responsible. Hurray for the criminals and fuck the people who try to uphold the law. The victims can fuck right off too. As long as the inmates get treated like "clients", get their education on their top notch computers, and stay nice and comfy and happy that's all that matters. Fuck the female officer who got beaten to a pulp and brutally raped, fuck the other one who got beaten raped, murdered and dumped in a dumpster only to be found in a landfill days later, fuck the officers who get shit and piss thrown in their faces every day, the ones who get teeth knocked out, exposed to AIDS, Hepatitis, and TB every day and risk bringing it home ot their familes. The hell with all of them. They're just a bunch of useless assholes and if they get killed on the job they brought it on themsleves right? Thanks Arnold, Thanks Fresno Bee, and thank you CDC administration for doing such a bang up job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
note: Even though I'm medically retired now I still say "WE". I probably always will. It's hard to explain but we're like a one big family.

The third time is NOT a charm
In other news, the second member of my step sons unit died the other day. He always talked about getting a purple heart. I guess he got his wish. What a shame. When nobody in his unit had died yet I felt kind of conflicted. On one hand it was great that everyone was still in one piece. On the other hand I couldn't help wondering how much longer the luck would last. Now I cant stop thinking about how bad things tend to come in threes. My step son could be the third. It could just as easily be him as anyone else. It might not stop at three. If I'm honest with myself I have to admit that three is a mighty low number when we're talking about war. If they walk out of there with only three casualties they'll consider themselves more than lucky. Not likely. If I had my way none of them would be dead but what I want has no bearing here. All I can do is indulge my selfishness a little and say PLEASE DONT LET IT BE HIM.
PrincessEvilina | 10:43 AM |
Sunday, January 09, 2005
Holy crap I haven't been in here in awhile huh? Been pretty busy having fun if you can believe it. I've been up to the snow

gotten piss faced drunk for New Years Eve, gotten a year older, been out to dinner with friends several times, spent a few nights away from home having fun, gone shopping and spent some of my lovely Christmas gift cards, spent time with my little honorary Grand Niece who seems to be growing faster than should be allowed, and just generally been having a good time just being alive. I've also learned how to play Gin, and Canasta (which I kick ass at for the most part). Despite the usual money woes, inability to figure out what I want to do for my Vocational Rehabilitation, and the fact that my muse is still missing, I have to say that life has been kinda cool. Better than it's been for a long long time actually.

Right now the only thing that's pissing me off is my face. The right side of my face to be more specific. This adult onset acne thing is really kicking into high gear and for some reason it's decided that the right side of my face is the best place to wage war. On the left we have a fairly smooth plane of skin that looks pretty damn good. On the right we have some kind of horror show whose main characters are blackheads and tiny little whiteheads. Grown up on the left, angsty pimple faced teenager who wont get a date to prom on the right. It's totally out of hand and no amount of chemical bullshit seems to be stopping the enemy's advance. Desperate times call for desperate measures so I am ready to have a partial face transplant at this point. I wonder how much a chemical peel would cost? It's that bad. Really.
PrincessEvilina | 10:40 AM |
Thursday, December 30, 2004
Saw this elsewhere and had to post it. Like anybody sells much of anything door to door these days much less a friggen tree. If that was the case, I might have actually had one this year.

Pine Cones Lead to Christmas Tree Suspect
WINNIPEG, Manitoba Dec 30, 2004 — It didn't take Winnipeg police long to solve the great Christmas tree heist a trail of pine cones from the scene of the crime led directly to a suspect's living room.

"It's got to be the dumbest crime of the century," apartment caretaker Cindy Peterson said Wednesday. "You could see where they dragged it into the house."

The Yuletide theft happened early Dec. 23 when someone cut down an 18-foot blue spruce from in front of Peterson's apartment building. The tree wasn't sawed at the base of the trunk, but about six feet up.

Peterson said she only noticed the tree had been lopped off when she went out to shovel the walk.

"A neighbour asked me if I couldn't afford a real tree," she said. "She pointed and I looked and thought, `What the … ?"

Peterson and neighbour Ralph Mehmedov went to investigate and found a small cedar tree apparently discarded in favor of the larger spruce. A trail of pine cones, needles and broken limbs led directly to a residence across the street.

Police questioned the 22-year-old occupant, who told them he had bought the tree from an unknown door-to-door tree salesman for $5.

The man was charged with possession of stolen goods and released on a promise to appear in court at a later date.

PrincessEvilina | 10:20 AM |
Sunday, December 26, 2004
Thursday: Pulled groin muscle
Friday: Seemingly tasty dinner followed by food poisoning, assplosoins and projectile vomiting. No sleep
Saturday: Hours and hours of driving. Crap to beat all crap received from Mother. Dinner at a friends. Minor recap of previous nights assplosions. No vomiting. Looooooong drive home.
List of useless crap received from Mother.
1 used book. She liked it and thought i would too. Nothing wrong with passing on a book but do ya really need to wrap it?
1 gaudy iridescnet crystal pendant 'nuff said
1 new hardcover book Might be interesting
One mother flipping Precious bleeding Moments heart shaped candy dish with friggen angels on top. For fucks sake!
Tins of flavored tea Good call Mommy Dearest
Fruit Cake For crying out loud
1 used CD Need I say more?
A Bible?????????

Not a single calendar. I still can't belive it. I'm not out of the woods yet though. My birthday is just around the corner.
Did I mention how glad I am that this shit is finally over and done with? I made the general announcement about Beachmas to all who would listen. They think I'm pulling their legs. When they all get postcards from Fiji or whatever for Christmas I guess They'll know I was serious eh?
PrincessEvilina | 11:27 AM |
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Ho Bloody Ho. Is it over yet? I am the biggest humbug ever this year. It's even making me sick. At the rate things are going around here I'll be flying solo by Beachmas. If I had the husband heavily insured I'd probably cut his brake lines right about now. At the very least I'd like to hit him over the head with a blunt object. Isn't that a cheery thought for the holidays? haha!
PrincessEvilina | 6:57 PM |
Monday, December 20, 2004
I shopped today. I'm not happy about it but at least it's over with.

Tonight I got hubby to agree to Beachmas. Yahoo!! We may not agree on much but we agree that Christmas sucks sweaty ass. By this time next year I will be piss drunk and doing the conga with other baudy vacationers. Hopefully hubby will be doing it with me despite his total lack of dancing genes. I can't wait.

This will not leave me alone. I can't stop singing it. Make it stooopppppp!!!!!!!! I'm sure you've seen it already. If not then be warned. It's more invasive than a rectal exam. Ding Fries